Who Won Child Genius Season 2

The final episode of the second season of Child Genius aired on 26th of June, and the results are in – Rohan Raja is the new Child Genius!

Raja, who is 8 years old, is from Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He was crowned the winner after a tough competition against 8 other finalists.

Raja’s parents are both doctors, and he has a brother who is two years older than him. He is a gifted student, and is already fluent in Spanish.

In the final episode, the contestants were asked to answer questions on a range of subjects, including history, science, and literature.

Raja emerged as the winner, after scoring highly in all of the rounds. He was congratulated by his parents and his brother, who were both in the audience.

Speaking after his win, Raja said that he was “really happy” and that he was looking forward to representing the US in the Child Genius World Championships.

The second season of Child Genius has been a success, and there is already speculation about who will be competing in the third season.

Who won American Child Genius 2?

The second season of American Child Genius aired on January 2nd, and the winner was announced on January 30th.

The final competition was between eight contestants: four from the red team and four from the blue team.

The final three contestants were Sidharth Iyer from the red team, Venkata Pavan Kalyan from the blue team, and Raghav Jain from the blue team.

Sidharth Iyer was the eventual winner, with Venkata Pavan Kalyan as the runner-up.

Did Adrian Win Child Genius?

On the show “Child Genius,” Adrian is one of the top contenders. He is an eight-year-old with an impressive IQ of 162. Out of the eight-year-olds, he is in second place. 

Adrian is a very hard worker. He spends hours each day studying. In addition to his school work, Adrian also practices the violin for two hours each day. 

Adrian’s parents are very supportive. They make sure that he has plenty of time to study and practice. In fact, they have even made some sacrifices so that Adrian can have more time to focus on his studies. 

Adrian has a very positive attitude. He is always willing to try new things. He is also very patient. 

Adrian is a good listener. He takes direction well and is able to follow instructions. 

Adrian is a talented violinist. He has been playing the violin for four years. 

Adrian is a good student. He always does his homework and he has never received a grade below an A. 

Adrian is a polite young man. He always speaks politely and he is never disrespectful. 

So, did Adrian win “Child Genius?” Adrian is an impressive eight-year-old with an IQ of 162. He is a hard worker who is always willing to try new things. He is also a talented violinist. Adrian is a good student and he always does his homework. He is a polite young man. Adrian is definitely a contender for “Child Genius.”

How old was Adrian when he won Child Genius?

Adrian was six years old when he won the Child Genius competition. This makes him one of the youngest contestants to have ever won the title.

Where is Rahul from Child Genius?

Rahul is originally from the United States, but he now resides in the United Kingdom. He is 14 years old and is a contestant on the Child Genius television show.

Who won Child Genius 3?

The long awaited final of Child Genius 3 aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday 23rd August, with the four remaining contestants battling it out for the top spot.

The final began with a quiz on general knowledge, with the contestants having to answer questions such as who is the current Prime Minister and what is the capital of Italy.

The next round saw the contestants answer questions on specific subjects that they had been studying for the past few weeks. This included questions on history, science and maths.

The final round of the competition was a memory test, in which the contestants were shown a series of 16 numbers and had to remember them in the correct order.

After a tense few hours, the winner of Child Genius 3 was announced as 11-year-old Arjun Bhati. Arjun is the youngest winner of the competition to date, and was praised by the judges for his high level of intelligence and impressive memory skills.

Congratulations to Arjun on his amazing achievement, and well done to all of the contestants who took part in this year’s competition!

Where is Thomas from Child Genius now?

Where is Thomas from Child Genius now?

Thomas is a contestant on the Channel 4 show Child Genius. The show follows a group of children as they compete in a series of mental challenges.

Thomas is 8 years old and comes from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. He is in the top group of contestants on the show, and is currently in the final stages of the competition.

So far, Thomas has won two challenges, and he is currently in second place overall. He is a very talented child, and is sure to do well in the final stages of the competition.

Thomas is a very ambitious child, and he is determined to win the Child Genius competition. He has worked hard to get to this point, and he is sure to give his best performance in the final stages of the competition.

We will have to wait and see if Thomas can win the Child Genius competition. He is a very talented child, and he is sure to impress the judges with his mental abilities.

Where is Adrian Child Genius?

Where is Adrian Child Genius?

This is a question that has been asked by many people over the years. Adrian Child Genius is a very mysterious person, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Adrian Child Genius is a child prodigy who first came to the public’s attention when he was just two years old. He was a math genius, and could solve complex equations that most adults couldn’t understand.

Since then, Adrian Child Genius has disappeared. There is no record of him online, and no one seems to know where he is. Some people believe that he has died, while others think that he may have gone into hiding.

Whatever the case may be, Adrian Child Genius is a very mysterious figure, and his whereabouts are still unknown.